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Local consumers actively use the internet and other digital platforms to find, connect with,
and use the services of the businesses who answer their problems, issues and concerns..

Does your business provide the answers they seek? Do you fix their pain?
Do you show you understand what they are feeling and going through?
Do you provide any educational information to help in their decision-making?
Is your Marketing giving you the revenue and profit growth you desire?


There Are Two Main Components
to Any Marketing Plan


Strategic Marketing and Tactical Marketing

Strategic marketing is the content of your message. It’s what you say and how you say it,
including the concepts you choose to focus on, the words and images you use to communicate
those concepts, and the tone in which the message is delivered. That’s focus here at our
main website


Marketing on the other hand, has to do with the execution of the Strategic Marketing,
such as placing ads, building a website, the mediums you use, and things like that. If I
ask a business owner about their Marketing Plan, the answer almost always comes back
in terms of Tactical Marketing: They send direct mail, run radio ads, create websites, and
more methods. That’s our focus on the other website: Our BLOG


The key to effective marketing is to master the “Strategic” side… NOT the Tactical. What
you say in your Marketing, and how you say it, are almost always more important than the
Marketing medium where you say it. Both are important of course, but the real leverage is
in the messaging itself, and that’s the Strategic side of Marketing. In fact, when a Marketing
campaign bombs, the tendency is almost always to blame the actual Marketing medium like
the Social Media site, or the regularity, or time, or audience, etc. This is the Tactical part of
the plan, without any regard to how good or bad the “strategy” behind that Marketing piece
was. Our clients learn how to say things in a way that will make a profound difference in
their Marketing results, leads, and revenue.


FINALLY you’ll be able to quit competing on price, and start selling your product or service
for what they’re really worth. You’ll gain more leads, see an increase in your advertising
response many times over what you get currently, convert a higher percentage of those
leads, and increase your sales. You’ll increase the amount of your average sale, and your
clients that pay, stay and refer will increase significantly. In short, you’ll get a much bigger
bang for your Marketing buck. But maybe best of all, you will FINALLY have total control
over your Marketing and Lead Generation results.


Ready to get started?

Here on our Main Website, we show the fundamental formulas and strategies to
not only make your Marketing work better, but enable you to create what we call
“Competition-Crushing” Marketing. I want you to see how powerful all of this is,
allow you to comprehend what the possibilities are for your business, and what
a significant advantage you’ll hold over your competitors when you implement it.


Dave Smith and IMJustice Marketing


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