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4 Things to Look For in a Personal Trainer

Let’s say that you have decided that you want to hire a
personal trainer to help you get back into shape or to achieve
your specific weight loss goals. Finding a personal trainer who
operates in your area is easy. Figuring out if a personal trainer
is a good one is little bit more difficult.

Here are some things you want to look for
in a
personal trainer.

1. NCCA Certification

The American Council for Exercises (ACE) recommends that all
personal trainers get certified by the National Commission for
Certifying Agencies or NCCA. To get this certification a personal
trainer has to prove that they have the skills, the knowledge and
the experience to properly train people in physical fitness.

2. Experience and References

Take the time to speak with a potential personal trainer before you
decide whether or not to hire them. Ask about their level of
experience and if they are trained in any specific areas of fitness
training. This is especially important if you have a specific
medical condition or injury that you are looking to rehabilitate.

3. Education

Many personal trainers also have university or college level
training in addition to their various certifications. Ask a potential
trainer where they went to school and what they studied.

4. Professionalism

Always look for a personal trainer who is courteous, attentive and
professional. Watch the trainer with some of their other clients and
see how well they get along. Look for a trainer who pays attention
to their client and who is not distracted during their sessions.