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Why you may want to consider outsourcing your local
business marketing to a Marketing Consultant.


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The process of setting up and managing an online presence can be a daunting task to any
local business owner. You need to have an effective lead magnet of a website, set up your
autoresponder, get the right hosting plan, figure out how to use WordPress or whatever
blogging platform you can possibly understand and then write your content, create great videos,
set up squeeze pages, set up backlinks, build and manage your social media accounts.

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Well that can all be a frustrating and time consuming process especially if you lack the
experience or technical skills. Furthermore you still need to run your local business as usual
on a day to day basis. As you can now see, you really shouldn’t do without outsourcing.

Benefits of outsourcing:

Saves you time-
what would take you 3-6 months can be set up in a month
Saves you money-
you obviously need to pay your Marketing Consultant, but their rates are less
expensive than your rate per hour to your business if you were doing it all.
Allows you to multi-task-
when you go it alone, you can only do one thing at a time yet when you outsource
you can have many different functions being delivered at the same time.
Allows you to focus on what you know best
which is running your local business while outsourcing to
those whose strength is setting up your online presence.

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Outsourcing services you can buy:

Content creation
emails, articles, blogs, e-books, reviews and other info written and delivered.
Sales and marketing-
Have your sales copy and ad campaigns working with the best strategies.
Technical services-
you can have all your technical needs met such as the design and
implementation of your websites, videos, content and software programs.
Social media-
you can have your consultant handle all your social media work like your
Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maybe even a YouTube account.

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And you’ll never regret you did.

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Video Marketing Snippets to Captivate Your Audience |
(321) 345-4020 | Marketing With Video | IMJustice Marketing