The Power Of Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Tips for a Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you want to grow your brand with social media,
it is going to take consistency, dedication, and
expertise. More importantly, you need to have a
solid social media marketing strategy in place
before you do anything to ensure great results.

Start with Your Business Goals in Mind

You may be thinking about using social media to
boost customer acquisition and retention; but have
you truly thought about how to do so with your
overall company goals in mind? Think about your
mission and then carefully devise a social media
marketing strategy designed to fit into that plan.

Be Prepared to Commit

Social media is an on-going method that requires a
serious commitment if you want any level of success.
Your number of fans and followers will not explode
overnight. So instead of jumping into it with wild
expectations, understand that it will be a slow and
steady marathon – not a sprint.

Find Your True Audience

Find out where your target audience is spending the
most time on social media websites. Are they primarily
using Facebook? Are they big on Twitter? Do they mostly
watch videos on YouTube? These are important questions
you need to ask yourself so you can implement realistic
strategies to connect with them.

Create A Schedule

Posting, replying, sharing, managing and other social
activities require a serious time commitment. Whether
you decide you only have 30 minutes per day or two
hours to commit to it, stick with it because
consistency is the key to social marketing success.

Create Great Content

Perhaps the most important factor of social marketing
is to post quality content that is useful and valuable
to your audience. Great content is shared more often,
which results in even more new fans and followers.
Create a list of content topics that your audience
WANTS to read about and put them into action immediately.

Know Your Competition

Before you venture into social media marketing, take a
look at what your competition is doing. Not only will
this give you insight about how you can approach social
media, but it could also help you do it even better than
they are. Standing out from the competition is an age-
old tactic used by all types of businesses to grab and
maintain market share; and that hasn’t changed with
social media.

Measure and Track Results

Most social media websites have tools that allow you
to track the popularity and reach of your posts;
use them. This way, you can easily find out what type
of content is more effective for generating shares
and responses. Use this data to fine-tune your efforts
and overall strategy.