The Power of Online Directories

What is an online local directory?

An online local directory is a website that lists businesses, usually
within categories. These directories allow business owners to list
their business, get their name in front of the customers, and give
customers the information they need to contact the business.
It also narrows the World Wide Web down to local communities
and places, and makes local businesses more accessible to the
customers that use them.
The details provided in an online listing will vary from business
to business and from directory to directory.

Typical information includes:
· The business name
· Address
· Telephone numbers
· Product or service sold
· Number of employees
· The area the business services
· Professional associations the business belongs to
· Reviews, comments, and feedback (on some sites)

Are online local directories the same as search engines?

Online local directories often have a search function within them.
This makes it easier for users to quickly find the business they’re
looking for, without having to search through thousands of listings.
However, this does not make these directories search engines.
Search engines can find just about any information you need and
provide in-depth articles, pictures, and blog posts about very
specific topics. Search engines list the actual URLs to websites and
will take you directly to them. Online local directories will provide
users with many different results, but each of those results will
only be a business listing including very basic information.

Search engines will also pick up on the various web pages within a
website, giving each a different page ranking dependent on things
such as keywords and traffic numbers. Online local directories on
the other hand, will provide only one URL, and it’s typically only to
the home page of the website. The way in which local directories
and search engines work behind the scenes also distinguish the two.

Online directories use people to manually review, proofread and
approve each listing. Search engines on the other hand, because
they’re dealing with so much more information, must rely on
highly complex computer-generated indexes that determine
which information is displayed.

Why is it important that my business be listed in
an online local directory?

According to a study conducted by Burke, 8 out of 10 shoppers will
use an online directory to guide them in the direction of where to
go for whatever product or service they are looking for. Of that
group, 8 out of 10 shoppers who used a directory to find what
they needed will end up buying something now or in the future
from the business they found within the directory.

This is why it’s so important to have your business listed in an
online directory. If customers are already using online directories,
they already have a need for your business or service. And if your
business isn’t listed in an online directory, the chances are good that
the competition will be & customers will turn to them instead of you.

This is why it’s so important to be listed in online local directories –
so customers can find you