the power and force of your own marketing department

the power and force of your own marketing department

Why Video Marketing is Cost-Effective

Quality written content and professional photos certainly play an important part in promoting
your business online. Yet, video marketing is another powerful tool that some companies tend
to overlook because of myths surrounding the high prices that come along with it. However, on
the contrary, video marketing is a cost-effective option that local businesses should consider.

The Power of Video

Videos hold a certain power that no other type of online marketing can offer. In fact,
nearly ½ of Internet users view at least one video per day. Along with entertainment
videos, a large portion of online video viewing is tutorials, referrals, product and
service information, educational information, and testimonials.

In addition, 90% of retail shoppers have made purchases based on helpful videos in which
companies demonstrated and/or advertised their products. Furthermore, the majority of
shoppers who made a purchase after watching a video report that they still clearly
remember the videos that helped them decide on their purchasing decisions.

What this means for businesses is that given the low cost involved in creating videos,
there is a great chance of the payoff being significantly higher than what was invested
as millions of people now turn to videos for product and service information.

Video Marketing Isn’t as Expensive as You Think

Since social video networking sites have blown up in recent years (YouTube), it’s now
more affordable than ever to create professional, high-quality videos and easily get them
in front of millions of eyes. There’s no longer a need to hire an expensive production and
advertising company to boost your videos, as there are affordable marketing professionals
who can guide you and help you see a high return on investment (ROI).

Many businesses are under the assumption that creating a professional video entails
investing in expensive equipment and pricey editing tools. However, this is no longer true.
Furthermore, several types of videos can be created without an actual camera at all.
With video marketing, you have an inexpensive way to reach viewers across the globe.
The Internet has changed the way companies can reach consumers forever, giving local
businesses a successful chance to create high-quality videos at an affordable rate.