How We Price Our Services

(Multiple Discounts Do Apply)
(Prices are always subject to change
because no situations are alike … )


An important point first by IMJustice Marketing to you in the sense of
letting you know how we think & what we look for in a potential client:

Our goal is to maintain and be as efficient as possible for about 20 monthly-paying
businesses. That would be our maximum efficiency load. Our typical recurring
charges for the typical client is $499.99 per month. We actually search and hope
to find that client type. Often, we do “one-off’s” (as they say), and no monthly fee
is required …

With that monthly budget in mind, what the “Marketing” will be can be discussed
that will fit into that amount or package. The only real exception to this rule is the
creating of videos and websites. We have made them for one-time prices, and then
do maintenance, optimization, repeat orders, and ongoing updates and handling
that will come with some sort of monthly recurring cost … Of course, always at the
clients discretion …

But, as we always do, we discuss what you want and/or need to grow … We set
some sort of a monthly budget, and we go to work with “over-delivering” in mind,
which is what we do most of the time to provide the best bang for your dollars …


Business Videos

Video creation, optimization, description, and sharing
Prices range from $199.99 up to $1000.00 (multiple discounts apply)
And because of customizing, the pricing is not a one-size fits all.
(Visit our Video Store to see samples and the price options)
The “intros” or “outros” to videos are $50-$100 each.


Digital Content

Writing, Blogging, Posting “regularly” …  Prices start at $399.99 monthly,
and, separate charges for 
Social Media profile set-up and website set-up.
This charge is the actual activity considering you already have sites and/or
profiles already set up and functioning the way you and I agree is optimum.


Email Marketing

As a “stand alone” service, $199.99 set-up fee and $399.99 monthly …
The charge is $499.99 per month when we create all of the content …
As an “add-on” service, $100.00 set-up and $199.99 monthly … 
This is about “regularly” emailing your list, or sharing ways to grow your list …
We have a gigantic library of content if you need us to write articles or blogs …
If there is no list, we will discuss how to build one (List Building methods) …



As a “stand alone” service, we will discuss YOUR Blog or
Website including the c
ontent, images, videos, ads, and more …
$199.99 set-up & $399.99 monthly by itself … If we create the
material and BLOG regularly, that is $499.99 per month …
As an “add-on” service, the set-up fee plus $99.99 – $199.99 monthly …
Service includes regularly sending out great content to drive traffic …
Done correctly the blog content will be sent to your Social media profiles …


NOTE: To Blog & post regularly to your Social Media profiles,
            this may be $199.99-$499.99 ….. It always depends …..


Social Media

Existing accounts? YouTube? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Google+, etc.?
(And all of the dozens of Social Media websites you may not have heard of) …
We will improve your profiles for $100.00 each, and explain the changes …
No “set-up” fee for that … We will create each profile for $100.00 per profile
if there happens to be multiple Social accounts and profile wishes. Otherwise,
if only 1 Social media profile is going to be built, that charge is $249.99 …
Service for Social Media is $199.99 – $499.99 (depending) per month,
regularly “post” content to your Social Media timelines or pages …
As an “add-on” service, $199.99 per month …



To create $750.00 … To improve or enhance, $500.00 … Naturally,
we are interested in what YOU think that sounds clever or promising to
improve the look, appearance, or “engagement” of your 
website based
on the many different strategies & methods of your business and industry.


SEO (Online Directories & Press Releases)

Optimizing, Google 3-Pack, and the Top Online Directories
Optimizing – videos, websites, blogs, articles, posts (price depends)
Google 3-pack – $299.99 one time fee to set-up correctly
Online Directories – $299.99 for the top 10 directories, $399.99 for the
top 20 Directories, $449.99 for the top 30 Directories, $499.99 for the
top 40 Directories, and $599.99 for the top 50 Online Directories …
Press Releases — “depending” $99.99 – $819.99 … This depends
on the size and the caliber of the audience you want to reach …
When you want to designate a budget per month for Press Releases,
we will explain what that dollar amount can do regularly for your business …


Lead Generation & Reputation Management

These topics are complex with the technology available. It will be quite
the consultation when it comes to generating LEADS. It can cover
programs, software, Social Media, Websites, Video, Google, Ads,
and a lot more … Lot’s to talk about!
Here, we want to learn YOUR interests and then devise a strategy or plan
accordingly … Just keep in mind that methods and available technologies
are not a “one size fits all” … There are many strategies to discuss, and
prices vary. With Reputation Management, we have software that does
this very well … Again, after discussing what your interests are here, we
will agree upon a monthly budget and price, and typically that’s with a
$199.99 – $499.99 range … As always, it depends on different factors …




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