IMJustice Marketing Services – “Our Menu”

This is a brief overview of our services. With Consulting, there also
can be many other tips, strategies and ideas that can be discussed.



Business Videos / Video Marketing

Video creation, optimization, description, sharing and more


Digital Content

Writing, blogging, video, posting and more


Email Marketing

Campaigns to build or just “market” to your list and more



Writing content, sharing it, and doing it regularly and more


Social Media

Making your existing accounts better, creating them, or regular posting
and optimizing them for targeting and reaching a much bigger audience.



Create, improve, or enhance (WordPress is our favorite).
WP is not necessary, but it is quite amazing, so we have to discuss it.
And we discuss what you want a website to do for your business or brand.


SEO Marketing

Optimizing everything, Google and YouTube, Directories,
Websites, Social Media, and Local Market Domination.


Online Directories & Press Releases

Listing in the top 10-50 Online Directories
Press Releases posted to the top sites


Lead Generation/Reputation Management

Both of these topics will dramatically increase your business
if you know what you are doing, and you do them regularly …
With “leads”, there are many different methods and strategies
that are all because of Digital technology ….. And with your
hard-earned reputation, technology offers amazing products …


Everything in business is negotiable, we understand that. But, how we arrive at our pricing
is, time involved, 
software & assets used, our expertise, and the ability to deliver. We know
YOU want to do what YOU are good at, and
, we also know you want to rely on someone like
US to be 
good at what we do. The ultimate goal, is to increase your exposure, have you be
the “go-to” professional in your 
local market, and start gaining new customers …
Everyone then wins!


And one last thing about “performance”

There are no guarantees in the world of Marketing. All you can do is implement the best products
and services from around the world, and try to do them well. Digital Marketing, especially, is trial
and error. Hopefully, when we do business together, we can see results, and then expand on those
results. IMJustice Marketing is a “student” of the Marketing & Business world. And doing the right
things, and doing them well (at a cost hopefully you can budget for), is the most important thing
to us on a daily basis. We like earning a “deserved” dollar, and that’s exactly what we’ll try to do.




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