4 Tips On How To Avoid The Lottery Scam

Four Tips on How to Avoid the Lottery Scam

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The Lottery Scam is one of the most common types of email scams.
In recent times, lottery scam emails have become increasingly clever.

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Here are tips on how to avoid them.

1. Never respond to an email from an unknown source
stating  “Congratulations you have won a lottery!”.
If you haven’t entered a lottery – you are not a winner,
it’s a scam. To win lotteries you need to register.

2. If your name is not in the “To” section of the email, avoid it –
this phishing email has been sent to thousands of people.

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3. Always look at the name of the lottery that the email
is purported to represent. If the name of the lottery
organization doesn’t exist, you can be sure the
email is also a fake.

4. No genuine lottery game will ever ask you to pay a
handling fee in order to claim a prize. If you get a scam
email asking you for money because you’re a “winner”,
either ignore it or report it to the authorities. Educate
yourself to recognize what is and is not legitimate.
By doing so, you can minimize becoming a victim
to the crime of theft by deception.

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Four Tips on How to Avoid the Lottery Scam |
(321) 345 – 4020 | IMJustice Marketing

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