6 Reasons Online Videos Work So Well in Pinellas County

If you’re a business owner in Pinellas County Florida,
chances are you already know that your company needs
a great deal of exposure combined with effective
marketing techniques to be successful online.

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Video Marketing in Pinellas County Florida |
6 Reasons Online Videos Work So Well in Pinellas County

Video marketing is a powerful way to reach consumers while at the
same time increasing your online exposure. Whether you’re looking
for added online display or if you’re just getting started in Pinellas
County, take into account the following ways that videos can
help boost your company’s online presence:

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1. Search Engines

The major search engines are now indexing videos with
the appropriate keywords. Internet users are no longer
limited to search results containing only web content. In fact,
Google places high priority on videos. What this means for
your business is that if someone is searching for a product,
your video may come up, increasing your exposure.

Keep in mind, however, that a video should always have an SEO-
optimized title, a detailed description, and relevant keywords.
This will help get your videos listed high in the search results.

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2. People Love Videos

With over 3 billion hits a day on YouTube alone, it’s evident
that a lot of people like to watch videos. In fact, YouTube is
the 2nd most-used site for searches, trailing only behind
Google. Creating your own videos, whether tutorials,
product information, or testimonials, will increase the
chances of your online exposure significantly growing.

3. Millions of Videos are Shared Online Daily

Whether through emails, texts, or social media sites, millions of
videos are shared daily basis. Video sharing will continue to grow
as more and more users are sharing videos via smartphones as well.


4. People Stay on Websites Longer That Have Videos

Website visitors tend to stay longer on websites that have
videos. The longer people stay, the more likely they are to
remember your company. In fact, most viewers will
remember your brand and your key product and/or service
features if they find your videos entertaining and helpful.

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5. Videos Are More Personal

When you create a video, you are giving consumers in
Pinellas County Florida a more personal experience than
they would get from reading content alone. This will
help boost your exposure as viewers may feel a
better connection towards your brand.

6. Videos Attract Visual Learners

Along with the entertainment and personal factors that come
with videos, those who are visual learners will seek out videos
before anything else. Creating and sharing videos allows you
reach these types of people who may have otherwise skipped
learning about your business if you didn’t offer visual content.

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Video Marketing in Pinellas County Florida |
6 Reasons Online Videos Work So Well in
Pinellas County | IMJustice Marketing